Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us


Why Choose EmployAbility Limerick?

  • We provide a free professional and confidential service to support you in obtaining work.
  • We job search alongside you in an organised way which will suit your particular needs
  • We can help you develop your job seeking skills e.g. CV/interview preparation
  • We may be able to access employment opportunities that may not be advertised
  • We can help you cope with problems that may arise in the workplace
  • If you are a person with a hidden disability we can provide discreet background support where you can make your own approaches to employers
  • Job satisfaction can improve your sense of well-being and work can allow for greater social interaction


Will it affect my Work and Social Welfare Payments?

This depends on a number of factors some which are:

  • Type of social welfare entitlements you are receiving, disability payments and secondary benefits.
  • The amount earned and the number of hours that you will be working. With certain benefits you will have to apply for an exemption to allow you to take up employment.


For further information contact your Community Welfare Officer or click HERE
OR call your local Citizens Information Centre on 0761 07 5780