Employers FAQ


What is EmployAbility?

EmployAbility is a specialised employment service providing a professional and practical approach to meeting your recruitment needs. Through extensive profiling and job matching we provide effective recruitment, which promotes equality and inclusion across all employment sectors. Our ongoing and specialist support can reduce your training and recruitment costs. We strive at all times to find the right person for the right job and to create good job matches. We want to assist you as an employer to create equal opportunities with positive outcomes for both parties.


What financial incentives are available to employers?

Our service is free and can significantly reduce the cost of selection and recruitment in these challenging times. In addition, many employers are eligible for grants and financial supports which can be accessed through the reasonable accommodation fund.

We provide assistance in the administration of these financial incentives on behalf of an employer.

The most frequently used incentives are:


How are candidates selected?

Our profiling process involves identifying each of our client’s attributes and abilities, including their knowledge, experience and transferable skills. For any position an employer is seeking to fill we will identify a short list of the most suitable candidates from our pool of jobseekers. The employer may then interview one or more jobseekers from the shortlist. The selection process may also involve a job trial for the preferred candidate.


How do I employ someone?  

Just follow these 5 steps:



What support do I get from EmployAbility?

Each of our clients has a dedicated Job Coach who is there to provide advice and guidance to the employer and to create the best opportunity for a smooth and successful integration of their new employee into the company. This may include disability awareness training or information on the reasonable accommodations, which may be needed in order for the person to preform their role and contribute to the success of the company. Our ongoing support is tailored to meet the individual requirements of the employer; this provides the maximum assistance to each employment situation.

Our 18-month client service is designed to enable people to move towards working independently and although we provide aftercare, may people will need only the typical supports, which are found in their place of work.


Will my insurance cost increase?                                                                                                        

NO – as long as the person is trained for the tasks they need to do and are capable of understanding the task. The Irish Insurance Federation confirmed that an employer’s liability insurance does not increase when the employer takes on an employee with a disability.  They have confirmed that an employer’s insurance quote is updated every 12 months, and is based on the number of staff an employer has.  It is not related to whether or not their new staff member has a disability.  Insurance companies have advised that the employer is required to cover all the appropriate training under Health & Safety for all staff.


What happens if it’s not working out?

Just like any other staff member, if it’s not working out you try and sort out the difficulties. Through EmployAbility you have the assistance of a job coach to support you as well as the new employee. Solutions can usually be found, but if it’s not possible, the employment may come to an end, as it would with any employee in accordance with your terms and conditions of employment. The EmployAbility service is there to support and assist you, where necessary through any such situations.